Ĉu vi interesiĝas pri montogrimpado? Aliĝu al slovaka ekspedicio grimpi britajn pintojn ĉi tie!

Who are we?

jebthumbJEB (Junularo Esperantisto Brita) is the UK’s national organisation for young people who speak or are learning Esperanto.

On this site you will find information about Esperanto, how you can learn it and why it is so useful. JEB arranges meet ups several times a year around the UK to practise Esperanto in a friendly environment, and also collaborates with other youth organisations to campaign for social issues, raise money for charity, and to have fun!


Discover Esperanto


Esperanto is a language deliberately designed to be easy! Many people who have had trouble learning languages in school find they can get to grips with Esperanto very quickly, having fluid conversations within months. Its vocabulary is based off common European roots, making it easy to access, and its grammar is free of complicated rules and exceptions.

Because of its lack of any ties to a particular country, Esperanto is inherently more neutral than national languages, and as a result it makes a perfect tool for international communication. It’s spoken in over 100 countries around the world, and Esperanto speakers take part in meet ups and congresses in diverse locations, with different nationalities all coming together. What’s more, with Pasporta Servo you can even stay for free with other Esperanto speakers when you travel abroad, and the Norwich Jubilee Esperanto Foundation fully funds young Esperantists in Britain to take part in Esperanto events.

Esperanto has a large, vibrant community with its own culture, including a wide array of music and literature, online radio, and film. Esperanto events usually involve classes, concerts, trips to interesting places, talks, wine-tasting, and are a great way to make new friends and meet people from all around the world.

Best of all, you can learn Esperanto completely for free through websites like Lernu! You can find more information about Esperanto here.

JEB Updates

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