Young British Esperantists (Junularo Esperantista Brita – JEB) is an association that promotes Esperanto among young people in the UK. We arrange regular events around the country, and membership is free!

Logo of JEB Junularo Esperantista Brita

Previous logo of JEB

JEB started in 1959 as an offshoot of the Esperanto Association of Britain (EAB). Some now-famous Esperantists, such as Humphrey Tonkin and John Wells, were involved in its early days. During the noughties, JEB saw a revival thanks to Daniel White and Tim Owen (both ex-presidents).

JEB events provide a relaxed atmosphere, for new speakers and experienced Esperantists alike, to visit new places, practise the language, and have fun! We do all sorts: sightseeing, talks, museum trips – whatever takes people’s fancy. The only constant is that we end up in Wetherspoons at least once for every event! Our events are one day or over a weekend, and usually there is no charge for attending. Many JEB members also travel together to larger Esperanto events abroad, such as the International Youth Congress (IJK) and Esperanto Youth Week (JES). If you’re under 25 you can get a travel grant from the Norwich Jubilee Esperanto Foundation to travel to any event, big or small. Check out some pictures from our past events below.

  • Four people punting on a boat in Cambridge
  • People watching video presentation during talk
  • Smiling people sitting in Wetherspoons pub
  • Smiling people sitting on grass in park with Esperanto flag
  • Smiling people sitting in Wetherspoons pub
  • Two smiling women in front of Bath Abbey holding Esperanto flag
JEB is run by a committee of elected members, and elections are held every year. There are two main roles, President and Vice-President, as well as the general role of Committee Member. However, because we’re a small organisation, there’s not a strict division of tasks, and committee members can focus more or less on various aspects of the role as they wish.

President: Ariel Bonkorpa

Ariel is a 24 years old, originally from Bath. She has been involved in Esperanto for almost eight years now, and works as a teacher of English and Esperanto, and as a writer. She contributes to the blog Egalecen, about social justice and feminism in Esperanto, and also makes very silly videoblogs in Esperanto. She’s committed to making JEB events fun and accessible, and hopes to see you at one in the near future!