JEB Event in Oxford August 2019

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The Bridge of Sighs by Tom Murphy VII, used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Oxford is a historic city in southern England. It’s easy to reach by bus and train from London and the rest of the UK. World-famous for its university, it’s lined with beautiful buildings and full of lively and impressive museums. Not only this, but it also has an excellent chain of independent ice cream parlours, G&D’s, so it really has everything necessary for a great event!

The Saturday programme itself will take place in a room above Turl Street Kitchen, a high-end independent restaurant/cafe, very close to the city centre.


Cowley Road by Kamyar Adl, used under CC BY 2.0

The event is 31st August to 1st September. It starts at 1pm Saturday (the 31st) and finishes at 4pm Sunday (the 1st). However, you don’t have to take part in the whole event, and it may be that some people stick around longer to celebrate.

Where can we stay?

There is no specific official accommodation for the event. But if you would like recommendations, please send us an email at, and we will be very happy to help 🙂

Aside from lodging, food, and travel costs, there is no fee for the event.

What will we do?

Saturday during the day there will be a program with:

  • “Everyone can make a videogame! Introduction to Twine and Bitsy” – workshop by Ariel Bonkorpa about making games. Bring your laptop if you can.
  • “The Esperanto Youth movement for beginners” – lecture by Tyron Surmon
  • ‘Lightning talks’ – 5 minute lectures on a variety of topics. We welcome your contributions 🙂
  • The Annual General Meeting of Young British Esperantists (JEB). To vote, become a member for free before the event.

…and more to be decided!

Saturday evening we’ll eat together in a restaurant, to be decided. Note your food preferences when you sign up, and we’ll prepare a few options and decide on the exact venue during the event. Afterwards, we will either go to a local Wetherspoons (as per tradition) or to G&D’s, the late-night independent Oxford ice cream parlour, or both!

On Sunday we shall:

Punting on the River Cherwell, with Magdalen Tower in the background
  • Have a guided tour of Oxford, seeing all of the major sights (Radcliffe Camera, Bodleian Library, Bridge of Sighs, Oxford Castle, at least one college), all in Esperanto!
  • Go punting along the River Cherwell
  • End with a picnic in Christchurch Meadows. Note any preferences in the sign-up form, and we will provide the food 🙂

We welcome contributions to the program. Make a note in the sign-up form, or send an email to If you want to give a talk, we ask that it not be more than 30 minutes. We’re ideally looking for lightning talks (5-10 minutes). Workshops, games, and other activities can go on longer.

How to get there?

There’s a direct bus, the X90, from London to Oxford, which is usually the cheapest option, at £8 for adults. If you travel very early, the Megabus Oxford Tube could be cheaper, at around £5.

Oxford is easy to reach by train from London Paddington. There aren’t always direct trains from other parts of the UK, but you can go to Reading or Didcot Parkway and change there. Alternatively, alight at Didcot Parkway and take the X2 bus to Oxford. To buy train tickets we recommend National Rail, as there is no booking fee. If you book via The Train Line, you can use your tickets on your phone. NB: in the UK it’s strongly advised to buy tickets in advance, usually by several weeks, as otherwise it can be very expensive.

Oxford city centre is relatively small, and it’s easy to reach the meeting points by foot. Otherwise, there are three bus companies which serve the city.

I have a question!!

Great, we have answers! Message us at

Help! It’s my first Esperanto event

This event is not for complete beginners in Esperanto. However, even if you speak Esperanto well, going to your first Esperanto event can be nerve-wracking. We want to create as comfortable an environment as possible for newbies, but we can’t prepare for all possibilities. So, if you have particular questions or suggestions as a newbie, message us at or make a note in the sign-up form.

Accessibility details

Unfortunately, Oxford has many ancient cobbled streets, which can cause problems for wheelchair-users. You can find a full accessibility guide to the city in English here.

The average day temperature at that time of the year in Oxford is around 20 degrees. However, British weather is unpredictable, so it could be much warmer, around 25 degrees. If that’s warm to you, bring summer clothes, but also bring a jacket in case it gets cold. Also, in the UK it rains often, so check the forecast before hand, and pack an umbrella if needed!

Can I get a grant to attend the event?

Image result for norwich jubilee esperanto foundation

If you are under the age of 25, and currently live in Britain, you are eligible to apply for a grant to attend the event and have all your costs covered through NoJEF (Norwich Jubilee Esperanto Foundation). All you have to do is send the secretary of the organisation an email (, stating your likely costs, and promising to write a report about the event after you’ve attended. The organisers have often used this fund ourselves, so if you want any help with applying, please send us an email at 😊

Sign up

Sign-up for the event here

Link to the Facebook event

JEB is taking part in the Voilà! Europe Festival – come and join in!

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Voilà! Europe, a theatre festival celebrating Europe, is taking place in London in November, and JEB is taking part!

On the 7th, 8th and 10th of November, come to see Wesele / Wedding, an absurdist political comedy in English and Polish with a sprinkling of Esperanto, about the last Polish-English wedding before Brexit (Applecart Arts, 170 Harold

 Rd, E13 0SE, @7.15pm + 8.45pm, £10)

Ariel Bonkorpa

And on the 10th of November, come to Esperanto – what, where, and why? an interactive language lesson and storytelling session guided by Ariel Bonkorpa (Theatre Deli, 2 Finsbury Avenue, London, EC2M 2PA, @12:45pm to 1:45pm, £10). It’s part of the European Theatre Forum, and with your ticket you’ll be able to take part in all the events that weekend.

We are planning to get a group together for Saturday 10th November to attend the language lesson in the daytime and then the show at 8.45pm. Tickets are cheaper the more you book at once, so bring along all your friends!

Lots of fun, new faces, and a round of cows – report of our event in London 2018

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I’m very happy to be writing this report. So much so, that I started it the day I got back from our weekend event, after getting home with a head full of fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Not only was it a lively and fun event for established Esperantists, there were also quite a few new faces, and during our annual general meeting we even had some new committee members join! The event took place in London, from the 25th to the 27th of May, with 17 people in attendance.

Slide from my talk

The event started on Friday at the London Esperanto Club. Sophie Horrocks gave a talk about various youth Espernato events taking place this year and then I, Ariel Bonkorpa, gave a talk about the various ways to become active in the Esperanto community, whether through art, arranging events, teaching, along with tips on how to effectively and sustainably do it.

Read More

Next JEB event: London May 25th-27th!

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We are ecstatic to announce our summer Esperanto event in London! The event will take place from the 25th to the 27th May and will include a visit to the London Esperanto Club, a taster session for beginners with talks and games, a trip to the Natural History Museum, and meals out together. The taster session will take place on Saturday and is aimed at beginners, newbies, and people just curious about Esperanto, and will have sections in English and Esperanto.

Click here for full details and to sign up.